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Use accelerators to help you with a wide range of focuses, such as big data, customer experience, HR, cybersecurity, asset management, and more.


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Discover how
to find customers

Refine asset & leadership management

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of success

Utilize our accelerators to gain access to experienced mentors and advisors who can offer insights and guidance specific to AI and data startups. Learn to navigate complex technical and strategic challenges, and position yourself for success.

The best startup accelerator for AI entrepreneurs

We empower creators and founders to produce products that resonate, giving them an edge in the constantly evolving data and AI industries. Our partner startups not only learn how to grow their companies, but also gain access to a vast network of industry professionals – investors, partners, experts, and more who can foster collaborations and funding opportunities. 

Gain access to:

Workshops & seminars

Product development tools



Investment network




Funding opportunities


Public showcase events


Partners & collaborators

Deep insights that foster long-term sustainability

Gain a competitive edge with deep product insights and strategies essential for achieving long-term sustainability in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Accelerators will delve into the intricacies of your product development and growth, helping you to uncover valuable information for decision-making and user satisfaction.

Practical tools for successful startups

Our startup accelerator caters to AI and data analytic startups.

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